‘Listen In’ is the new service, delivered by CAIS and AVOW, to support the significant role families, friends and carers of veterans play in promoting recovery from problems associated with military service and the transition to civilian life. The Listen In team delivers mental health first aid training and practical support to the families and friends of veterans across North Wales.

CAIS and AVOW have worked closely to develop this innovative new service, after workers identified several of their clients were struggling to support partners and family members who were coming out of the army, most of them diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress.

In May 2014, Listen In was launched. The service offers a wide range of training and support to families, friends and carers of veterans to assist their loved ones, and aims to ensure that problems are identified, acknowledged and acted upon. Listen In also links to a wide range of other statutory and voluntary services designed to promote good health and positive relationships. The service works alongside Change Step, the peer mentoring service delivered by veterans, for veterans suffering with post traumatic stress and substance misuse.

To self refer or to make a referral please phone 0300 777 2259 quoting “Listen In”, email: listen-in@cais.org.uk or you can visit www.cais.co.uk. Please contact the above number if you would like to become a volunteer.