Change Step appoints new manager

CHANGE STEP HAS appointed long-serving peer mentor Simon Frith as our new project manager.

Simon, who had previously worked as a veteran peer mentor based in Cardigan, will now lead the delivery of our programme of services across Wales.

He has been with Change Step since 2014 – drawing on real-life experience earned during seven years in the Royal Navy.


Delights and consequences

“Having joined HMS Raleigh for basic training in late 1991, I soon found the delights of assault courses with a layer of ice – and the consequences of accidentally calling your training officer mate by mistake,” Simon said.

“By the time I joined my first Destroyer some months later, I was a great deal fitter and a lot more disciplined.  I was fortunate to deploy to some amazing parts of the world.

“Later, a recommendation to transfer to the small ships fleet look me on to HMS Brecon and my fondest memories of the Royal Navy.

“I love being part of the team at Change Step, and getting to work with some of the amazing organisations working in veterans’ services in Wales.”


Support and leadership

Change Step director Geraint Jones said he was pleased to be able to welcome someone of Simon’s calibre to the role, welcomed him to his new post.

“Simon will provide support and leadership to mentors working on our projects throughout Wales, nurture existing partnerships, and help us to develop new ones,” Geraint said.

“Most importantly, he’ll help to raise awareness of what Change Step can do – and work alongside our stakeholders to ensure that together we can deliver the best possible service.”


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Simon Frith