CHANGE STEP has received valuable backing from an award-winning Cardiff car wash firm.

Urban Car Spa, on Cowbridge Road West, will give all the money it raises through the sale of its promotional car stickers to support of Change Step.

Director and former Army officer Jonny Rees-Davies said the tie-up could also offer employment opportunities.



“UCS are keen to support veterans in any way we can, primarily by offering them a job in a team environment, working with like-minded individuals who have shared similar experiences,” he said.

“We are extremely proud to be able to work with Change Step and are delighted to be donating all proceeds from the sale of our UCS car stickers towards this fantastic charity.”

Urban Car Spa, which has four sites across the UK, has already collected a string of plaudits for its business model – including gongs from the Nationwide Resettlement Awards.


About Change Step

Change Step’s unique network of peer mentors has helped more than 1,200 veterans and their families since being launched throughout Wales in 2014.

The service has been described as a vital, best-in-class and value-for-money bridging mechanism by the Forces in Mind Trust.


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Urban Car Spa’s team in Cardiff is made up of former members of the Armed Forces for valeting with military precision