I’m a 36 year old mum from Wales; but with a dodgy Welsh accent, most people mistake me for African, Australian, American, Canadian & Scouse.

I have a Masters Degree in Marketing Communications and Public Relations which I gained two years ago from Chester University. I joined Uni as a ‘mature student’ after taking voluntary redundancy from the NHS, where I’d worked in the Press & Corporate Communications office for 6 years. I focussed my studies on the charitable sector and knew this was absolutely where my career path should lead.

After graduating, I put my skills to good use in my work as a freelance Marketing & PR consultant and also worked part time as a Fundraising Coordinator for a Wales Air Ambulance, which I absolutely loved; although I might have said different if you had asked me about it whilst I was outside Tescos with a bucket, dressed as a giant helicopter, 3 kids swinging from my propellers, freezing cold for 6 hours alone as my volunteers hadn’t shown up… My other big passion is writing.

I started out as a columnist for the Denbighshire Free Press, then moved into screenwriting. Most recently, I write a blog called That Welsh Blonde which, woo hoo me, won a national award in November 2014. Ironically, the post which received the most attention was entitled ‘Living with my veteran in Civvy Street’. The blog has suffered a bit since starting my job at Change Step however, as I’m too brain mushed when I get home to write anything more challenging than a text message, but I hope…I WILL be back on track soon.

Although I am new to Change Step, I have been involved with fundraising for veterans for a few years now. My Hubby is a veteran from the 22nd Cheshire regiment and despite the regiment being amalgamated into One Mercian regiment, the gents still have their reunion events, museum and social club to run. I have a lot of contact with these fantastic chaps and have learned so much about military life, transitioning to Civvy Street and the difficulties they encounter on a daily basis. I am proud that they have taken me into their fold (and that, as yet, they have failed to make me blush with their squaddie humour, as much as they have tried). Of course, that also means that I have lots of veterans and their families to call upon for fundraising, donations, events etc… they just don’t know it yet. February’s reunion event though, me and my man are there with buckets, leaflets and a warning that nobody leaves without a Change Step pin badge!

My aim with Change Step is to let everyone know about us across Wales and hopefully UK wide. I am available to help anyone who wants to raise money for us, be that through events, sponsorship, merchandise sales, raffles, volunteering… any idea, traditional or wacky, my job is to help everyone’s fundraising endeavours be as successful as possible. My plan is to have our JustGiving page heaving with creativity and enthusiasm from our supporters and impressively KerChing on our donation totals tally. I am also looking for companies and businesses that might be interested in having us as their Charity of the Year, so if anyone has any contacts that they think might be interested, ping their details my way please.

So, that’s me. Feel free to contact me with any fundraising ideas or initiatives. I’m looking forward to a busy, productive and hopefully fun year.

Linzi Jones
Change Step Fundraising Manager

01492 863008 / 07436 800127